About Program

The Auburn Common Book: One Book. One Auburn.

Auburn University's Common Book program was started in Fall 2010 as a way to provide incoming first-year students with a common educational experience, share new perspectives, and introduce them to the Auburn family.

While the program is still anchored around incoming freshmen, the program continues to grow, and now students across all years are involved in classroom discussions, campus events, and community activities based around the Common Book.  In support of the "One Book. One Auburn." mission, the Common Book Program now partners with the Auburn Public Library to foster even more community involvement.

One of the annual highlights of the Common Book Program is a visit by the book’s author, who is invited to speak to the Auburn campus and local community as well as participate in a book-signing and other community events.

The Auburn community is encouraged to participate in programming made available throughout the Fall semester including service projects, discussion groups, interactive programming, and guest speakers.  These events highlight the diversity of skills, knowledge, and experiences we have on campus related to the themes of each Common Book.  Freshmen can specifically look for the Common Book to be used during Welcome Week, in their first year academic classes, and programming throughout the Fall semester.

Campus offices, academic departments, faculty members, student clubs/organizations interested in sponsoring educational and social activities around the themes of the book can contact us for information and support.

Stay up to date on events by following @AUCommonBook on social media including: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and on our homepage.

The Auburn Common Book Committee

The Common Book Committee, is comprised of a diverse and inclusive group of faculty and staff members from across campus as well as members of the Auburn Public Library.  Dr. Jeffrey LaMondia, Civil Engineering, chairs the committee.

The Book Selection Process

Any questions, comments, or suggestion for future authors or events should be emailed to the AU Common Book program.

For a text to be considered as a common book, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Relevant to issues related to first-year students and which may appeal to the larger campus community
  • Rich in concept and content that will challenge students to gain new perspectives
  • Contemporary and engaging
  • Appeal to people from all backgrounds
  • Author or subject is available to visit campus
  • Have potential for strong academic and social programming opportunities

Last modified: July 30, 2018